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7 Common reasons Betta breeding failure

by prince

Betta is one of the most beautiful and hard fish in aquarium hobby. It’s also called “Siamese fighting fish” in short “fighting fish“. It native to Thailand.

Due to it’s look and popularity many people want to breed them and most of them get result fail. Here we talk about 7 Common reasons Betta breeding failure.

7 Common reasons Betta breeding failure:

Number 1:

Size: The main reason for breeding failure is the size. You need to select the correct peer. Ideally Betta fish that ready for breeding at least has total long 4 cm for plakat or short tail Betta. but more recommended to use Betta fish with total long 4.5 cm up. So the bigger the better.

If the Betta fish is too small, most likely the breeding process will fail. Usually male and female betta will fight each other. Even if success the Betta fry will slow growth in the future.

Number 2:

Old Betta: If the male Betta is too old or does not have enough energy then the breeding with be fail. Usually old Betta don’t have energy and very lazy to move, We know that to make bubble nest requires a lot of energy.

Very old male Betta are usually 2 years old. Although its large size this fish doesn’t have enough strength to make bubbles and spawning process.

Same thing happen with the female. Usually female Betta that are very old don’t produce eggs anymore.

So do not use Betta fish that are too old for the breeding process. Try to select the peer with are 4 months-12 months.

7 Common reasons Betta breeding failure
7 Common reasons Betta breeding failure

Number 3:

Difficult to release eggs: In some cases there are female Betta that have very large egg sacs but the problem is that some female Betta have difficult to release their eggs So the spawning process cannot be done, even though the male and female have done the mating process.

Number 4:

Remove male from fry: Do not separate the male from his fry too early. You have to wait untill the fry can float and swim perfectly. In a breeding process the role of a male Betta is almost 95%.

One of the main tasks of male fish is take crre of Betta until they are become free swimmer. If you remove the male too early then the fry will be sink to the bottom of the water and die.

Number 5:

Male stressed: Sometimes male Betta eat own eggs, when Betta fish protect the eggs and feel disturbed he start eating own eggs or fry.

An example is if we check too often Betta eggs and the male Betta become stressed, then most likely he will eat his own eggs. Second, if the male Betta is very hungry then it has potential to eat eggs, so before spawning make sure the male Betta are in full condition.

Number 6:

Unmatched peer: We usually introduce male and female Betta so they know each other and become match, if they are become active, it is a sign that they might have a match but if one or both of the Betta fish to be mated are passive then they are most likely not to have a match Number.

7 Common reasons Betta breeding failure
7 Common reasons Betta breeding failure

Number 7:

Sick Betta: In the process of breeding sometimes we experience unexpected things. when a male Betta is sick it is possible he will be lazy to move. with the conditions that are less comfortable then he has decreased stamina. So he can’t take care of eggs and Betta fry.

Hope this post will be help you on your breeding journey. Before start breeding just make sure you have select the right pair so you will have your Betta.

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