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3 Reasons to Detail Your Car in Winter

by prince

3 Reasons to Detail Your Car in Winter

Many of us put off washing and detailing our cars until the snow melts. But did you know it’s actually more important to detail and wash your vehicle in the winter months?

We have 3 reasons why you shouldn’t wait for spring to give your car a great clean, inside and out.

#1 Excess Salt

Alberta roads are covered in salt during major snowfalls, which gets all over your car’s undercarriage. Salt is a leading cause of car rust, and it needs to be tackled quickly.

Throughout the winter, make sure you’re giving your car’s exterior, including its undercarriage, a thorough wash every few weeks. This will help protect it from rust, corrosion and salt buildup that can all damage the car’s finish. Additionally, make sure you’re properly inflating your tires in order to keep them healthy and safe during the colder months. Taking care of these two aspects of your car this season is essential for its longevity and performance on the roads. However, you don’t want to stop at just a wash. Take the extra time to polish, wax, and detail your car in winter to protect it from premature rust.

#2 Fluctuating Temperatures

Wintertime in Alberta is notorious for fluctuating temperatures. That’s really hard on our vehicles because they’re made of materials that expand as they cool and warm up. You need to be aware of what textiles in your car need special attention, like vinyl, plastic, or leather.

Make sure you treat each of these materials properly. That includes choosing the right kind of chemical/product, but also the right brush or cloth. For example, if you have leather seats you should choose a very specific leather brush that won’t cause scuffs and scratches. If it’s a fabric, you should select a product specifically designed to clean that. Everything needs the right kind of care to preserve its life and look great for years to come. We want you to look your best and enjoy the products that keep your interior looking pristine. Choose quality materials and use them correctly for a lasting result.

#3 Dragging the Outside In

During the winter months, your boots drag in all kinds of stuff from the outdoors into your car. Your boots are caked with mass amounts of snow, gravel, and salt. As the snow melts off the boots, the debris will slough off and onto your car’s carpeting and pedals.

That debris can build up quickly, becoming a big clean-up job for the spring. Instead, keep on top of a clean car floor with these 6 steps every couple of months:

  1. Remove the mats from your car and shake them out.
  2. Vacuum the interior (don’t put the mats back in yet).
  3. Shampoo the mats with a trusted product.
  4. Rinse off the excess with a damp cloth or hose.
  5. Dry the mats thoroughly.
  6. Place the mats back in your vehicle.
3 Reasons to Detail Your Car in Winter - Hughes Carwash Edmonton

Do the Job Right

One of the biggest reasons that people don’t detail their car in winter is because they don’t know where to get the job done. The outdoors is too cold; can you imagine trying to wash or detail your car in winter at -20°C?

You shouldn’t wash your car in freezing temperatures. Not only will you be miserable, but it’s not great for your car’s surface either. Instead, wash and detail your car in winter in a heated garage (or at least a dry one).

Don’t have a garage? Hughes has you covered. We have a warm shelter and all the products you need to detail your car this winter.

Get your car wash done right! Find your Hughes location today.

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