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Do I Need to Wash My Car in the Winter?

by prince

Do I Need to Wash My Car in the Winter?

With shorter days and cold weather, winter is the time to cut out unnecessary errands and stay warm. The last thing anyone wants to do is get out of their warm cars for a carwash.

As tough as winter weather can be on us with its cold, snowy climate, it can be just as hard on your vehicle. You may think that there is nothing to clean with a coating of snow on your car, but it’s not only dirt you should be targeting.

Why Wash Your Car in the Winter?

Driving on winter roads can be messy – with salt, sand, and ice on the street, your vehicle can quickly get a buildup of damaging particles that can produce rust. Not only does rust change the look of your vehicle, but it can reduce its value and decrease its longevity.

It’s not all about looks – having a clean car is safer. Having clear windows is especially important in the winter because snowy conditions can negatively impact your visibility. Having a view through all your windows can help prevent any avoidable accidents.

Should You Wax Your Car in Winter?

Adding a coat of wax in the winter may seem like an unnecessary step in a car wash, but it can add a shine to your clean while adding a protective layer over the paint. Dirt and debris from salt and sand won’t cause as much damage to your vehicle if there is a barrier of protective wax.

It’s a good idea to wax your car during dry periods of winter to protect your car from moisture. After a thorough clean in dry weather, adding a coat of wax will help the wax dry properly, but it will take extra time to settle than during the summer months.

Bottom Line

Your car needs a little more attention in the winter to keep it looking great throughout its entire lifespan. Braving the cold for a couple of car washes a month, you’ll remove all the salt buildup that will erode your car and leave you with rust. With a coat of wax on top, you’ll keep the paint free from debris and scratches from the rough road sand.

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