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How Acid Rain Damages Your Vehicle

by prince

You’ve heard of the damage that acid rain can have on the environment, but did you know that it can also affect your car?

Coming into spring and summer, we’re likely to get a lot of rain, and you need to address acid rain quickly, or it can leave permanent damage to your vehicle.

What Does Acid Rain Do to Your Car?

Acid rain is a term that refers to the mix of moisture and air in the atmosphere that has high amounts of sulfuric and nitric acid. This isn’t just limited to rain, despite its name, but all forms of precipitation.

As precipitation evaporates from your car, the acid remains and combined with other elements, like the sun, it can cause damage to your paint. Damage can also impact headlights and taillights or the windows and windshield.

How Can You Prevent Acid Rain Damage to Your Vehicle?

Experts agree that the best way to protect your vehicle from acid rain damage is to wash your car regularly. If you park outside, it’s especially important to at least rinse your vehicle after significant rainfall.

You might be surprised by what steps you should take to protect your vehicle.

1.     Wash Thoroughly with Soap

Washing your car of acid rain deposits needs meticulous attention to detail. If there are areas that are hard to reach or easily ignored, those are the places to focus on. The lower portion of your vehicle, behind your side mirror, and the top of your car are essential parts to reach.

It may take more time to do a complete wash, especially if you have a larger vehicle, but to prevent rust and discoloration, it’s worth it to take your time.

2.     Rinse Completely

If your car is constantly exposed to acid rain, it’s time-consuming to do a complete wash every time. Skip the wash and just go for a rinse – but use pressure and be sure to target every part of the vehicle.

Rinsing will be enough to dislodge any deposits, but you should increase your washing frequency over the rainy season.

3.     Use Wax Coating Carefully

You may think that wax coating is universally excellent in all situations, but some argue that wax makes things worse when it comes to acid rain. Nitric and sulfuric acid are powerful, and the extra reflection of the sun with wax can enhance the damage of acid rain.

You have to weigh the costs and benefits while being realistic about how often you will wash your vehicle. If you wash your car frequently, a coat of wax won’t do damage, but if you struggle to stay on top of your car’s aesthetic maintenance, the wax might do more harm.

Bottom Line

Acid rain is your vehicle’s worst enemy – it can damage the look of your car’s paint and damage necessary parts like your lights and windshield. The only way to prevent acid rain damage is to wash your vehicle frequently.

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