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How to Best Wash Your Car in the Winter

by prince

Winter car washes are high maintenance compared to in the summer. The elements tend to be harsher on your vehicle, but you want to spend the least amount of time outside as possible. But winter car washes are unavoidable – with sand, salt, and freezing rain that your car faces, your vehicle needs car washes.

To get the best car wash with the least amount of exposure to the winter air, follow these steps for washing your car the right way.

Start with the Body of the Vehicle

When you’re in a washing bay, you’re slightly warmer than the outside air, so you want to wash the car’s main body first to prevent the water from freezing when you leave the bay. By the time you’re finished with all the nooks and crannies on your vehicle, you’re less likely to get any ice accumulation at the end.

Focus on the Wheels of the Car

Soft snow and slush can build up on your wheel wells and tire rims – if this buildup stays on, it can impact the quality of your tires. Use the car wash wand tool to rinse off all the slush you can to protect the rubber of your tire and prevent rust around the wheel well.

Dry Off the Outside of the Vehicle as Much as You Can

There’s nothing worse than having your trunk or fuel door freeze shut because water snuck in and froze. Try keeping the fuel door open, allowing it to drip dry, and preventing water accumulation around the doors. Otherwise, next time you open your car, you’ll be fighting the ice growth.

Give Your Car a Generous Wax

Waxing your car as a finishing touch can help protect your vehicle from further rough winter conditions. Wax will allow more salt, sand, and slush to glide right off rather than collect and cause body damage to your car. It’s an extra step, but it’s worth it.

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